Workers Compensation Injuries (WCB)

Accidents at work happen every day and can be very stressful for many reasons. As well as being away from work, injuries can continue for long periods, reducing function and limiting movement. Not to mention the emotional impact, fears and lack of confidence to return to some activities.
Physiotherapy treatments for work-related injuries help to reduce these traumas. At One Physio and Mobility Clinic, we work with the Work’s Compensation Board (WCB).

Why checking with a physiotherapist for a Work- related Injury?

Some work-related pains and injuries may be more obvious than others, which worsen over time. Visiting a physiotherapist can help you identify the best treatment to relieve pain, restore function, improve your overall fitness and return to work with full strength and confidence.
Besides physiotherapy, you can complement your treatment with other rehabilitation services. Chiro, Massage Therapy and other treatments can enhance your recovery.

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