What is the use of Ultrasound in Physiotherapy?

Ultrasound is an effective way to treat swelling of muscles, joints, and ligaments.‌

Ultrasound can be used to treat a wide range of health problems. But, it’s most commonly used to solve problems in muscle tissue. The heating effect of the ultrasound helps to heal muscle pain and reduces chronic inflammation.‌

Ultrasound also helps tissue fluids flow better — which means that more lymph passes through the tissues. Lymph is an important fluid that transports white blood cells throughout the body. So, in this way, ultrasound helps your damaged cells fight infections and heal faster.

How does ultrasound work in physiotherapy?

The ultrasound machine works by sending an electric current through crystals found in the ultrasound probe — also known as the ultrasound wand. The probe vibrates, causing waves to travel through the skin to the body underneath. The waves transfer energy to the tissues to cause the desired effects. Ultrasound can also be focused on tissues deep within your body without affecting other tissues close to the surface.

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