Kinesiologists apply exercise and movement science to promote health and well-being; prevent, manage, and rehabilitate injuries; treat illness and chronic disease; restore function; and optimize human performance in the workplace, clinical settings, sport, and fitness. Kinesiologists are the only human movement specialists who use science and research to offer movement as medicine, to any person with a health or fitness goal who wants a hands-on, personalized approach.


Personal Training


Huzefa Contractor Kinesiologist, Fascial Stretch Therapist

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, plus I am a certified Fascial Stretch therapist, I have Alberta coaching A & B certification from Mount Royal university & other certifications in personal training, group training & mobility training. I have been part of a chronic pain clinic & physiotherapy clinics for many years. I have also run my own personal training studio (Body movez) for group fitness classes & one on one personal  training. I have been working in the Fitness industry for the last 5 years from teaching group fitness classes to personal training clients, plus been part of different rehab clinics.          As a Kinesiologist I helped individuals with weight loss program, strength training, mobility training and individuals that are experiencing a mobility restriction, muscular pain, tightness or limited range of motion due to previous motor vehicle accidents, sports related injury or sedentary lifestyle and haven’t been able to regain their active lifestyle without fear of re- injury. Another important  focus  for me is to help maintain clients  strength and stamina during injury as well as preventing re-injury by helping you regain flexibility. My goal is to restore efficient pain free movement in your everyday life.  I strive to help my patients develop & connect the mind, body and spirit together. With my strong belief that all three aspects are interconnected, for one to find total harmony.  I work directly with patients on a one on one basis, primarily educating them about anatomy, physiology and body mechanics, as well as designing and monitoring their specific exercises therapy

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